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Assamese or Asamiya (অসমীয়া Ôxômiya) is an Eastern Indo-Aryan language used mainly in the state of Assam. It is the official language of Assam. The easternmost of Indo-European languages; it is spoken by over 13 million native speakers. It is also spoken in parts of Arunachal Pradesh and other northeast Indian states. Nagamese, an Assamese-based Creole language is widely used in Nagaland and parts of Assam. Small pockets of Assamese speakers can be found in Bhutan and Bangladesh. Along with other Eastern Indo-Aryan languages, Assamese evolved circa 1000–1200 AD from the Magadhi Prakrit, which developed from a dialect or group of dialects that were close to, but different from, Vedic and Classical Sanskrit. {{#invoke:Footnotes|sfn}}Its sister languages include Bengali, Chittagonian, Sylheti (Cilôţi), Oriya, the Bihari languages. It is written with the Assamese script. Assamese is written from left to right and top to bottom, in the same manner as English. A large number of ligatures are possible since potentially all the consonants can combine with one another. Vowels can either be independent or dependent upon a consonant or a consonant cluster. The English word Assamese is built on the same principle as Vietnamese, Japanese etc. It is based on the name Assam by which the tract consisting of the Brahmaputra Valley was known. The people call their state Ôxôm and their language Ôxômiya.
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Names (more)

[af] Assamees
[am] አሳሜዛዊ
[ar] الأسامية
[as] অসমীয়া ভাষা
[az] Assam dili
[be] Асамская мова
[bn] অসমীয়া ভাষা
[bs] asemijski
[br] Asameg
[bg] асамски
[ca] Assamès
[cs] Ásámština
[cy] Asameg
[da] Assamesisk
[de] Assamesisch
[dz] ཨ་ས་མིས་ཁ
[el] Ασαμεζικά
[en] Assamese language
[eo] Asama lingvo
[et] Assami keel
[eu] Assamera
[ee] assamegbe
[fo] assamesiskt
[fa] آسامی
[fi] Assami
[fr] Assamais
[ga] Asaimis
[gl] Lingua asamesa
[gu] આસામી
[ha] Asamisanci
[sh] Asamski jezik
[he] אסאמית
[hi] असमिया
[hr] Asamski jezik
[hu] Asszámi nyelv
[hy] Ասամերեն
[ia] Assamese
[id] Assam
[is] Assameíska
[it] Lingua assamese
[ja] アッサム語
[kn] ಅಸ್ಸಾಮಿ
[ks] اسٲمۍ
[ka] ასამური ენა
[kk] ассам
[km] អាសាមីស
[rw] Icyasamizi
[ko] 아삼어
[lo] ອັສສຳ
[la] Lingua Assamica
[lv] Asamiešu valoda
[lt] Asamų kalba
[ml] ആസ്സാമീസ്
[mr] आसामी भाषा
[mk] асамски
[mg] Fiteny assamey
[mt] Assamese
[ms] Bahasa Assam
[ne] असमिया
[nl] Assamees
[nn] assamisk
[nb] assamisk
[no] Assamesisk
[or] ଅସମୀୟା ଭାଷା
[pa] ਅਸਾਮੀ
[pl] Język asamski
[pt] Língua assamesa
[ps] اسمائى ژبه
[qu] Asam simi
[rm] assami
[ro] asameză
[ru] Ассамский язык
[sa] असमिया
[si] ඇසෑම්
[sk] Ásámčina
[sl] asamščina
[so] Asaamiis
[es] Idioma asamés
[sq] Asamezisht
[sr] Асамски језик
[sv] Assamesiska
[ta] அசாமிய மொழி
[te] అస్సామీ భాష
[tl] Wikang Asames
[th] ภาษาอัสสัม
[to] lea ʻasamisi
[tr] Assam dili
[uk] Асамська мова
[ur] آسامی زبان
[vi] Tiếng Assam
[xh] isiAssamese
[yo] Assamese
[zh] 阿萨姆语
[zu] isi-Assamese

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