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Ainu (Japan)


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Ainu is one of the Ainu languages, spoken by members of the Ainu ethnic group on the northern Japanese island of Hokkaidō. Until the twentieth century, Ainu languages were also spoken throughout the southern half of the island of Sakhalin and by small numbers of people in the Kuril Islands. Only the Hokkaidō variant survives, with the last speaker of Sakhalin Ainu having died in 1994; and Hokkaidō Ainu is moribund, though there are ongoing attempts to revive it. Ainu has no generally accepted genealogical relationship to any other language family. For the most frequent proposals, see Ainu languages.
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Names (more)

[ar] الآينوية
[az] aynuca
[bn] আইনু ভাষা
[bo] ཨའི་ནུ་སྐད།
[bs] ainu
[br] Ainoueg
[bg] Айнски език
[ca] Ainu
[cs] Ainština
[cv] Айну чĕлхи
[cy] Ainŵeg
[da] ainu
[de] Ainu
[el] Αϊνού
[en] Ainu (Japan)
[eo] Ajnua lingvo
[et] ainu
[eu] Ainuera
[fa] آینویی
[fi] Ainun kieli
[fr] Aïnou
[gl] Lingua ainu
[gu] એનૂ
[he] איינו
[hi] ऐनू
[hr] Ainu
[hu] ainu
[id] Ainu
[is] Aínúmál
[it] Lingua ainu
[ja] アイヌ語
[kn] ಐನು
[ks] اینوٗ
[ka] აინუ
[kv] Айну кыв
[ko] 아이누어
[lo] ໄອນູ
[la] Lingua Ainuana
[lv] ainu
[lt] Ainų kalba
[ml] അയിനു
[mr] ऐनू
[mk] Аину јазик
[mt] Ajnu
[ms] Bahasa Ainu
[nl] Aino
[nn] ainu
[nb] ainu
[no] Ainu
[oc] Aino
[or] ଆଇନୁ
[os] Айнаг æвзаг
[pl] Język ajnuski
[pt] Língua ainu
[rm] ainu
[ro] Limba ainu
[ru] Айнский язык
[sk] ainčina
[sl] ainujščina
[es] Idioma ainu
[sr] Аину језик
[sv] Ainu
[ta] ஐனு மொழி
[te] ఐను
[th] ภาษาไอนุ
[to] lea fakaʻainu
[tr] Ayni Dili
[uk] Айнська мова
[vi] Tiếng Ainu
[zh] 阿伊努語

Language type : Living

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