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Acholi (also Acoli, Akoli, Acooli, Atscholi, Shuli, Gang, Lwoo, Lwo, Lok Acoli, Dok Acoli) is a Southern Luo dialect spoken by the Acholi people in the districts of Gulu, Kitgum and Pader (a region known as Acholiland) in northern Uganda. It is also spoken in the southern part of the Opari District of South Sudan. Song of Lawino, well known in African literature, was written in Acholi by Okot p'Bitek, although its sequel, Song of Ocol, was written in English. Acholi, Alur, and Lango have between 84 and 90 per cent of their vocabulary in common and are mutually intelligible. However, they are often counted as separate languages because their speakers are ethnically distinct.
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Names (more)

[af] Akoli
[am] አኮሊኛ
[ar] الأكولية
[az] akoli dili
[bn] আকোলি
[bs] akoli
[br] Atcholeg
[bg] аколи
[ca] acoli
[cs] akolština
[cy] Acoli
[da] acoli
[de] Acholi
[el] Ακολί
[en] Acholi language
[et] akoli
[eu] Acholiera
[fa] آچولیایی
[fi] atšoli
[fr] Acholi
[gl] Acoli
[gu] એકોલી
[he] אקולי
[hi] अकोली
[hr] Acoli jezik
[hu] akoli
[id] Acoli
[is] Akólí
[it] acioli
[ja] アチョリ語
[kn] ಅಕೋಲಿ
[ks] اَکولی
[ko] 아콜리어
[lo] ອາໂຄລີ
[lv] ačolu
[lt] akolių
[ml] അകോലി
[mr] अकोली
[mk] аколи
[mt] Akoli
[nl] Akoli
[nn] acoli
[nb] acoli
[or] ଆକୋଲି
[pa] ਅਕੋਲੀ
[pl] aczoli
[pt] Língua acholi
[rm] acoli
[ro] acoli
[ru] Ачоли
[sk] ačoli
[sl] ačolijščina
[es] acoli
[sr] Аколи
[sw] Kiacholi
[sv] acholi
[ta] அகோலி
[te] అకోలి
[th] อาโคลิ
[tr] Acoli
[uk] ачолі
[ur] اکولی
[vi] Tiếng Acoli
[zu] Isi-Acoli

Language type : Living

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