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The Anii language (also known as Basila, Baseca, Ouinji-Ouinji ~ Winji-Winji) is spoken on the border between the Republic of Benin and Togo. The old name, Basila, was used because the town of Bassila in the Republic of Benin is the largest of the Anii-speaking villages. The other villages where Anii is spoken include Bodi, Nagayile, Yari, Bayakou, Dengou, Mellan, Saramanga, Pénélan, Pénéssoulou, Kodowari, Mboroko, Agarandébou, Frignion, and Guiguisso in Benin, and Afem, Kouloumi, Balanka, and Nandjoubi in Togo Anii is classified in the geographical group of Ghana–Togo (Central Togo) Mountain languages within the Kwa branch of the Niger–Congo family, which differ considerably from the languages which surround them. There are four major dialect areas within the Anii language, of which the dialect spoken in Balanka is the most different from the others. Like other languages of the Central-Togo group, such as Kebu and Likpe, Anii has a robust system of noun classes, contrasting with the reduced or absent systems of surrounding languages. It also has a strong system of vowel harmony based on the feature [ATR ATR]. Anii is a tonal language. The Bassila dialect, on which the most linguistic research has been done, has two phonological tone levels, low and high, and exhibits both grammatical and lexical tone. Phoneme Chart (to appear)
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