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Algerian Arabic


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Algerian Arabic is the variety or varieties of Arabic spoken in Algeria. In Algeria, as elsewhere, spoken Arabic differs from written Arabic; Algerian Arabic has a vocabulary mostly Arabic, with significant Berber substrates, and many new words and loanwords borrowed from French, Turkish and Spanish. Like for all Arabic dialects, Algerian Arabic has dropped the case endings of the written language. It is not used in schools, television nor newspapers, which usually use Standard Arabic or French instead, but is more likely to be heard in music if not just heard in Algerian homes and on the streets. Algerian Arabic is spoken daily by the vast majority of Algerians as a vernacular language, including those for whom it is not the native tongue.
Source : DBpedia

Names (more)

[ar] لهجة جزائرية
[br] Arabeg Aljeria
[en] Algerian Arabic
[fr] Arabe algérien
[hr] Alžirski arapski
[mk] Алжирски арапски јазик
[ru] Алжирский диалект арабского языка
[es] Árabe argelino
[sv] Algerisk arabiska

Language type : Living

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