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Atong, also mistakenly spelt A'Tong, is a language of the Sino-Tibetan family, related to Koch and Rabha. It is spoken in the Southern Meghalaya (South Garo Hills, Hd. Qtr. -Baghmara) region of India and adjacent areas in Bangladesh. The correct spelling Atong is based on the way the speakers themselves pronounce the name of their language. There is no glottal stop in the name and it is not a tonal language. No current estimate of the number of speakers is available; according to the Linguistic Survey of India it was spoken by approximately 15,000 people in the 1920s. Since the Atong consider themselves and are considered by the Garos to be a subtribe of the Garos, they are not counted as a separate ethnic or linguistic community by the Indian government. Almost all Atong speakers are bilingual in Garo to a greater or lesser extent. Garo is seen as a more prestigious language. Since there is a bible translation in Garo, but not in Atong, it is the language used in all churches and most Atong speakers are Christians. Garo is also the language of education in schools in the Atong-speaking area, although some schools provide education in English. A reference grammar of the language has been written by Seino van Breugel. An Atong-English dictionary and a book of stories in Atong are published by an available at the Tura Book Room.
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[en] A'Tong language
[gl] Lingua A'Tong
[hr] A'tong jezik

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